Saturday, February 28, 2009

Date Night

We had a date night. What's cool is that the YMCA watched our 3 kids for the low price of $34 for 4 hours and they even fed them pizza. I love the teachers at the Y. They are the same teachers that have been there since we joined. The kids had a blast, making crowns, and also watching Monster's Inc. Just like last time, Ms. Donna said that Isaac was the best behaved child of everyone there. She asked if he was a good baby at home too. Of course he is... he is great, but all my kids were great babies and they still are. I am so pround of them every day. Isabel is reading great, and she loves to read her Early Readers Bible. Emma imagination is out of this world. She loves to draw and write notes, and she metioned to me that she loves holidays. She's already planning for Easter. Just like her mother, plans way ahead for things. Eddis is in denial that he is sleepy, yet I stare at him now sleeping on the couch. I must rest now, Isaac will be waking up hopefully not until 4 am to eat. Good Night.

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