Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally but will it last?

Isaac skitpha a meal last night. The midnight meal. That was good for me because I got to go to bed at 10 and not wake up again until 3. I hope he does it again tonight. Anyways today I'm going to go shopping for a baby dedication outfit for Isaac. I haven't yet confirmed the date with the Pastor yet, but we are shooting for March 15th. Eddie got a $25 gift card from JC Penny's so hopefully I can find one there. Keep your fingers crossed. Everything else is going well, I'm enjoying my time here at home. Oh yeah, pray that I get the summer gig at the YMCA. The director liked my resume, so I'm just waiting for her to post the position so that I can offically apply. I would be working with the preschoolers 1/2 day summer camps. This is cool, because I would get a 50% discount on my membership and on anything that I sign my kids up for, plus Isaac will stay in the kids zone for those couple of hours a day. I really like the teachers, and they really like him. They see him everyday for about 30 minutes when I work out. I'll keep you posted. Also Eddie and I get to go out on a date on Saturday. The kids are going to the Y for Parents Night Out. We are going to go see Madea Goes to Jail, which should be hilarious. I just love Tyler Perry's movies and plays. Well I guess I gotta run... Later Dudes..

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