Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm back

Ever since I stopped working, I have completely abandoned the blogging world. I have been stuck over at facebook.

My grandma is doing much better, she is stil in a rehab hospital but yesterday she took 20 steps on a walker... Praise God!

My boy is getting so big, is 6 months now and is trying to eat sweet potatoes. Belle just lost another tooth and today is her last day of kindergarden, she's so excited. I am sure going to miss her teacher, because she was such a great teacher. I hope Emma gets her when she goes in 1 year.

My life is so good right now, I have an amazing family. My husband is just the best, my kids are my life's little lessons, they teach me so much each day. My mom and sister, well let's just say that they are a great blessing to me.

For my birtday present, me and my mom are going to go see George Strait at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, that is going to be so neat, I'll be sure to takes some pics...

Summer is here and I have a variety of daily activities lined up.. It's going to be fun and fantastic.. I hope all of you moms and dads enjoy a fantastic summer with your youngins...

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