Friday, January 04, 2008

Chocolate milk for ransom

I've been holding out on giving Emma chocolate milk. I decided to hold in for ransome. See the first words out of her mouth each morning are "I want chocolate milk". Well she is over 3 years old and in May she was completely potty trained. Well there was a major change in her life, so she completely regressed. We've kept her in pull-ups because she would not poo poo in the potty. So I kept telling her all week that if she would poo poo in the potty, she would get chocolate milk.
Well guess what! Just 10 minutes ago she told me that she had to go potty and she went specifically to do poo poo. I was so happy for her. Way to go Emma. Hope you enjoy your chocolate milk tonight.

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Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Yeah for her! My LK (2 yrs) hadn't had chocolate milk until this weekend. I was inviting my friend to have some hot chocolate and he said "mama I want hot chocolate too". So I made chocolate milk and warmed it...