Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Re-solution: To again try to find solutions to my problems, issues, and annoyances. To accomplish a goal. (my definition)

My re-solutions the year 2007.

1. Exercize on Thursday and Saturday by taking my dog and children on a walk.
2. Bringing my lunch to work everyday except Fridays and special occasions.
3. Getting my new house in order by the end of January.
4. Being completely debt free (cars and credit cards) by the end of the year.
4. Clean as I go, so that my house won't turn into a pig's sty.

So far I'm on track. I've got to go buy a harness for my dog (Siberian Husky) her name is Loba (spanish for a female wolf). I shall go and do that today at lunch. For lunch I brought a salad, soup and orange. I am cleaning as I go, I even put my husbands clothes that he left on the floor in the washer. Lucky him, I didn't turn it on. It still had his cell phone and keys in the pocket. I'm almost completely unpacked. The office is going to take a while because I need Eddie to build me some book cases. I paid off one credit card yesterday and will payoff another one by next week.

What have you resolved to do this year.
Side note: I will post pictures of my new house as soon as I take some.

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