Monday, February 05, 2007

Smelly Monday

All was going well in the Valenzuela household this morning. I made my lunch, got breakfast ready for the girls, filled their cups with milk and headed out the door. I was running 15 minutes behind, I all was good. Throughout the 23 minute ride to school I urged Emma to eat her toast. She had already downed a whole glass and a half of chocolate milk. We pulled up to school and (blaaaaaaaaaa) and again (blaaaaaaaaa). Emma through up everything. Oh my gosh what do I do. Eddie is working today. Do I go back home to change her? Do I keep her at home? Ahhhhhhhh.
Well I called Eddie and he suggested that she should be fine, probably was just too full. So I locked the doors and ran into the school to get her change of clothes that were in her cubby hole. I saw Isabel's teacher and told her that the kids were in the car and we had an accident, so she was the lookout. Ran back to the car and changed Emma, tried to clean her coat the best I could, and went in. Saw Emma's teacher and told her what happened and she said they'd keep an eye on her. Then got in the car and went to work, noticed that I didn't have my purse, which means no make-up. My cell phone and wallet were in my pocket, so I stopped at Walgreens and got make-up, mascara, and lipstick. I will be keeping these in the car for future emergencies. So that was my morning. Hope yours was better.

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