Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I got your back girl

Yesterday, I was busy in my room and Isabel comes in with the saddest face.
"I want some chocolate milk"
"Well let me finish what I'm doing and then I'll go get you some"
So she leaves. I then hear the conversation between my too girls.

Emma: "What's wrong Bell?"
Isabel: "I want some chocolate milk."
Emma: "you want chocolate milk? oh. I tell mama"

Then I hear little feet running towards my room.

Emma: Mama! Mama!
Me: I'm in here.
Emma: Mama, Bell want tocolate milk
Me: I know. Tell her I'll be there in a minute.
Emma: In minute, o-tay.

She runs back to the table.
Emma: Mama be here in minute.
Isabel: I want chocolate milk.

Emma runs again to my room to remind me that Isabel wants chocolate milk. It was the cutest thing to see how she was looking out for her big sister.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

how cute!

Jeremy said...

That is adorable. Thank you for posting that. Made my laugh.