Monday, July 30, 2007

Home Projects

In our new house the girls playroom is half the size that it used to be. This has caused me to be creative with the space. I gave alot of big toys away and tried organizing well. The girls grandparents had bought them a toy organizer a couple of years ago. It worked fine for what it was, but the little baskets were sturdy would fall of the rack and would always look messy. So I got rid of it blessed someone else with it. I bought some more sturdy colorful baskets, and rolling bins. I had Eddie build me a custom shelving unit to hold everything. I can't wait to show you pictures......

Other projects in the future... #4 would be first on the list.

1. Guest bathroom: bead board on walls

2. Entryway: Have Eddie build a hall tree with a bench

3. Backporch: Tile it, install a ceiling fan, put in a metal shelving unit to hold a small tv and other stuff.

4. Girls rooms: Have Eddie build loft beds... Cinderella carriage for Isabel and doll house for Emma. The only mofifications I would make would be that there wouldn't be a bed under the dollhouse she would sleep on top. I would make the bottom a reading area. Same goes for the cinderella bed the bottom would be a reading area and Isabel would sleep on top

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Bloggin' with a basket o' clothes at my side said...

Are you really going to have those built? Those are beautiful!!

I found your blog after searching Scott Wilder on Google. He's a favorite of mine too!

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