Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Your Daily Walk - Psalm 10-13 Wisdom vs Folly

A young child awakens and, for the next hour, resists all his parent's attempts to get him dressed, fed and on his way to school. If you were his parent, how would you feel?
The same child awakens, goes to his closet, selects his clothes and dresses himself without being asked. the net result is the same: He is dressed. But how do you as his parent feel?
A wise son obeys his father willingly; a foolish son only does so grudgingly or under compulsion. Which characterizes your obedience to your heavenly Father? Read Proverbs 10:1 thoughtfully. Then complete this sentence: Today I want to bring gladness (rather than heaviness) to the heart of God by gladly (rather than grudgingly) obeying him in the matter of _____________________. Now that's putting wisdom to work!

The opposite of ignorance in the spiritual realm is not knowledge but obedience.

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