Monday, July 23, 2007


The other morning my 2 year old locked herself in my room with our dog. As I proceeded to unlock the door, I could hear her singing "I Love You Lord". I decidied to just let her stay there and worship.

Isabel got her 4 year old checkup the other day. After all the tests, her doctor made the comment that she should just skip kindergarden altogether. That made me smile.

Emma has been mentioning that there are monsters in her room. So what do we used to keep the monstors out? Baby powder. I spread it on the carpet around her bed, then Isabel comes and prays with her. I then turn the ipod on Baby Einstein Lullibies.

My favorites time in the morning in when at 6:00 am, both my girls wake up and come into my bed where we snuggle and sleep for 1 hour longer.

Right now, Emma went into the pantry, got some crackers and is now sharing with her sister and the dog.. Oh no, the crackers just went all over the floor. Isabel just commented that now all the crackers have to go to Loba. They are having a blast. Emma just said "Mama, I think Loba likes it."

Gotta run.. bath time, devotional time, bed time....

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