Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clicking my heels isn't working

Well right now I'm in a hotel room watching "The Biggest Looser". Where I should be is landing at DFW airport. Unfortunately DFW airport is shut down because of weather. That means the earliest flight out of Madison is not until Thursday at 6:35 am. So I'm here another 2 days.

Well this gives me time to get some stuff that I need to get done for work done. And at night I've been putting together power point slides together for "Ressurection Day" our church service this Sunday.

I miss my kids, my husband, and working out. I can't workout here at the hotel because I didn't bring my tennis shoes. Oh well, I just have to workout Thurs, Friday, and double on Saturday.

I've got to run up to Target and buy "Enchanted" for Isabel and Emma.

1 comment:

momteacherfriend said...

Didn't the contestants look FABULOUS tonight?
Stinky that your trip has been extended. Hopefully you can make the most of it.