Friday, March 21, 2008

To God be the Glory

Guess what, with the Lord's help I found Isabel's DS-Lite, you know the pink video game that I was looking for on March 13th. So just like 10 minutes ago,
I was like: "God, why can't I find that game, I looked everywhere for it"
He was like: "You know what you've got to do."
I was like: "Ok, if it's not meant for me to find it, that's cool (as I'm thinking about how much money it cost). I'll just put it in your hands and be done with it. Watch I'll find it like in two years when we are doing spring cleaning for something"

So I started thinking about it again, and then it hit me, what if she took it to ballet and left it there, man that means it's gone forever. Then the thought occured to me that I never checked her ballet bag. The reason I never checked is because we hadn't taken it to ballet in a really long time. So I looked in the front pocket, and there it was. The video console with the extra game and the car charger. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Thank you Father, you are the best.

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momteacherfriend said...

I love how when I surrender and truly listen, HE ANSWERS.
Great testimony, thanks for sharing.