Sunday, March 02, 2008

One Big Party

This weekend was full of parties.

Thursday - Girls night out. Within the group of my friends we always have a girls night out for our birthdays. Tonight we went to see the movie "Definately, Maybe" and then we went to eat at a restaurant in downtown Ft. Worth called Cabo Grande. I didn't get home until 11:3o.

Friday - Party at my friends house, it was her birthday, she turned 11. Ok, she's really 44, but with the whole leap year thing she's only had 11 real birthdays. We ate and played games. It was great. Her theme was "Priceless", so all the gifts she received had to be made from the heart.

Saturday - Surprise party at an italian restaurant for my aunt who is turning 50. They are close friends with the owners, it was catered with Penna Pasta, pizza, cheese sticks, wings, salad. It was good. My mom made a delicious chocate moose cake. We made her an arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries.

Sunday - Right now our Sunday school class is here, we just did our bible study, right now Eddie went to go get pizzas and we are watching a movie.

Did I mentioned that I got and have had a headache all day, and not a little headache, but the one where it feels like a drum is beating in my head....... I'm tired, but it was a fun weekend.

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