Thursday, November 17, 2005

2 Dogs and a girl

I'm in my van at RandolMill and Fielder. The light turns green so I take off. Wow the road sure is bumpy. I go a little further, and then it hits. I've got a flat tire. I guess ignoreing my low tire pressure light for 2 weeks wasn't smart. I pull over and makes some phone calls. I go to the gas station to try and put some air. 75 cents, I have no change and only a debit card. The gas attendant is nice enough to turn on the pump. I start to fill up the tire, or so I think. Jesus, (pronounced Hesus) gets there. He offers to take the tire off to go get a new one.
Take my truck he says. Ok, I take off and a mile down the road I notice something moving in the bed of the truck. I turn around and low and behold there's a dog. I bust a u and to go back. "Hey I'm going to take your dogs back to your house." "No they are fine, they stay back there to protect my equipment, go to work in peace". Wait "they", of my there are two of them back there. Ok, I can't argue at this point. I take off to work, praying that these dogs won't fly out of the truck. I've gone out to check on them like twice now, and they are just laying back there. I sure hope he gets here soon. And I have no idea what kind of tire I'm going to have and how much it's going to cost me. Oh well, it's a good day.

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