Thursday, December 29, 2005

GH on the brain

I've 95% done on Emma's scrapbook. Yeah! I went to my friends house to scrapbook last night, it was great. Spent 2.5 hours just relaxing, talking, and cropping.
When I got home the girls were asleep and Eddie was watching TV. I went into my room and started watching GH. I'd been waiting since yesterday to watch. It was good. There is a new character, a surgeon, who I think was brought on to be a love interest for Robin, (a doctor as well, medical research). Eventhough she hates him right now, and is HIV positive, I know that they are going to fall in love. After the show I dreamt about them falling in love on the show, it was a good dream.
Anyways, I'm so glad I have DVR, 100% better than recording on VHS, and I can watch all my shows on Saturday or whenever I want. Technology is great.