Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Drug Cocktail

I feel like crap today.... I'm sorry I meant to say I feel like snap... wait that doesn't sound right either.
See my friend pointed out that saying "Oh crap", doesn't sound good. I seem to think that it's better than saying "Oh Sh*t". Well I decided I'd try a word substitution and say "Oh snap" instead. It's not working. "Crap" is just drilled into my head. So how do I feel today? Awful, just plain awful. (I did it).

My allergies are kicking my bootay. I went to the doctor after work yesterday, hoping to get a shot. What they gave me was 4 prescriptions. So after that I went to pick up the girls and headed to Costco.

First thing I did was head to the bathroom. Isabel was wearing panties, so wanted to make sure she didn't have an accident. Next stop the pharmacy counter. Wait time 45 minutes.. Holy cow... I can't wait that long. But I really didn't have a choice. So down the aisles I went. I pick up my wipes, then headed to look for my scrapbooking paper. There was none to be found... Ahhh I knew I should have bought it when I had the chance. Next stop food. We shared a chicken bake... Hmm good. Then we picked up the meds... Total bill at Costco $96.00 + $50 at the doc's office. Not bad for one day... There goes my Christmas money.

My drug cocktail consists of: Allegra 180 (30 day), Prednisone (7 days), Nasonex (when needed), and Elidel (Twice a day).
My drug of choice is Nasonex. It's a nasal spray. I love it. It taste bad going down my troat, but it sure does work.

Hopefully I'll feel better by this afternoon.