Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Tree is away....Christmas is over

Wow, another year is coming to an end. This Christmas was great. We spent it in our new house with our family. The girls and my nephew had tons of gifts to open. Guess I'm going to have to let them have two play rooms instead of just one. The girls did great in the Christmas play. They were presents. They were standing in the front, and Isabel thinking in her head (hey I need to be back there singing) immediately Isabel went to the back where the older kids were and started singing Happy Birthday Jesus. One by one the other toddlers followed suit... Emma was the only one who stood where she was supposed to. She's so obedient. The rest of the day was spent eating posole (like menudo, with out the gross stuff), tamales, and fruit cocktail salad. We opened gifts for what seems like hours. Box after box, the girls got clothes, toys, and lots of Dora and princess stuff. We got them a car and bike.... All in all this was a great Christmas.

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