Friday, December 02, 2005

S.U.P.E.R Wife

This morning as I drove to work. I was listening to a sermon from Dr. Ed Young, Pastor of Second Baptist of Houston. He's sermon was about being a SUPER Wife. What is a SUPER Wife you ask.

S Sex. Men need and want sex. Not out of duty, not using it as a bargaining chip. But as a expression of love.
U Unique appreciation. You know your husbands uniquely. Your husband needs to know that he is special, that he is needed, and that he matters.
P Partnership. They need a partner in the relationship. A husband should look forward to coming home to their partner. Set the atmosphere of a happy home.
E Enchanting wife. Attractive. Not primarily physical, but your inner beauty. Let your words, and mind be your inner attractiveness. Grace, Charm, your beauty in the Lord
R Recreational companionship. Women become friends by conversation. Men become friends through activity. You need an activity that you do together. Be your husband's best friend.

You are called upon to meet these needs of your husband. When you do, you will be blessed.


Shelley said...

He's pastor at 2nd Baptist in case someone wants to look him up. :-)

mommyofangels said...

Thank you for the correction. My bad. I will correct the post.