Sunday, February 19, 2006

1988 - 1996

August 1989, I made my first entry in a diary. I found that diary the other day. I was in Jr High, High School, and College. I was boy crazy, had low self-esteem until I reached college, and then I had a blast. Why did I stop writing in 1996? Well that's when I met Eddie. I think I have a few entries in other journals, I just have to locate them. But here's a synopsis... It's been a roller-coaster ride. Lots of ups and downs, more ups than downs. Well now it's 2006 and I've started writing again, only this time it's online. Blogger needs to figure out a way where we can print out all our entries with a single click, just in case they ever shut down. I would hate to loose all this history. One day I want my girls to read my journals so that when they say "you don't understand"... I can point to page 5 in my journal and recant my experiences as a teenager, and say "oh but I do"

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tammara said...

I started keeping a journal in 8th grade - binders, notebook paper, dividers (I was a very organized kid). I wrote something daily through high school, and I think through the early part of my marriage, until I decided that if I died I didn't want anyone to read what I really thought, so I threw them away.

I really, really wish I'd kept them (especially since I haven't died yet, and who would care what I thought of them when I was 17 now anyway??).