Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tag Your It

4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:

Indoor Grand Prix - Got to ride go-karts for free.
Bell Helicopter - Got to ride helicopters for free.
PSC - A web development company. I got to wear shorts to work
Motherhood - I work 24 hours a day.

4 Goals I Set For This Year:

Exercise daily. - I walk twice a day
Get into the Word more. - I do my devotional daily
Debt Free - We're selling the house
Scrapbook more - Doing this at least once a month.

4 Movies I Could Watch Over And Over:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Who doesn't envy Ferris?
Top Gun - There's just something about men in fighter jets.
Breakfast Club - Classic 80's
Clueless - Every girls dream, big house, fast car, and lots of clothes

4 Places I Have Lived:

Odessa, TX
Hurst, TX
Arlington, TX
Cedar Hill, TX

4 TV Shows I Love To Watch:

General Hospital
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Grey's Anatomy

4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation:

Los Angeles, CA
San Antonio, TX
Oden, AK
Odessa, TX

4 Websites I Visit Daily:

Bank of America

4 Of My Favorite Foods:

Mexican - Taco's de Asada
Mexican - Sopes
Mexican - Posole
Mexican - Ceviche

4 Places I’d Rather Be Right Now:

Home watching TV
A beach
Disney World
Playing at the park with my girls

So Now I’m Going To Tag…

Shelly, Jeff, Jeremy, Tammara, Paul

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Paul said...

You're killin' me - I'm there for you, but it has to be after I get some of my homework done!!!