Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pobresita (Poor little one)

She has been through alot and she's only 21. Sunday night,as she locked the car door, with her 15 month old little boy in her arms, and diaper bag and purse thrown over her shoulder, she starts the long walk towards her apartment on the 2nd floor. The night was cold, scary, dark, the beer store is only 50 feet away. This is not the greatest part of town for a single young mom to be living.
She is not even 10 feet from her car, and out of nowhere three black guys rush to her, attacking her from all angles. The baby slips out of her arms, smacking face first to the ground. A beer bottle comes crashing on her head, and in a matter of 10 seconds her world is shattered yet another time.
Back in Cedar Hill, 30 minutes away from her, I get a phone call. She was so hysterical, I could only pick out a few words. I wasn't even sure who was calling. At first I thought it was my sister, but no.
" bottle, head, took purse, bible bag, keys"' My first response was "Did you call the cops"... "Are you in your apartment? Stay there I'm on my way"
Well, that was a lie... I couldn't leave... I didn't want to put my two girls in danger, so I called someone else.
"You gotta help her"....
I called her back and the paramedic on the other line said that she was fine, but that she was being transported to the hospital, and the baby would be with her.

It makes me sick to my stomach that there are people who have no value for life. They prey on defenseless women and children..babies.

Yesterday, I was going driving around a parking lot at a grocery store, and saw three black guys. They were dressed thuggish, and I couldn't help wondering if they were the ones, who shattered my friends world.

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tammara said...

Oh Michelle. I'm so sorry for your friend - I'm so grateful that she and her baby will be (physically) okay. I'm certain that she will carry a new level of fear with her the rest of her life. Poor little thing.

This is what is at the heart of race relations in our country - the actions of a few causing suspicion placed on many. Try not to let it do this to you. There is no way to know who is decent at heart, and who is evil - there is no color for it. When you are angry, pray God's vengeance down on those horrible men. I have to believe He will deal it out.