Monday, February 13, 2006

And the Oscar for favorite princess goes to........

Cinderella (Of course)

So Isabel (2 yrs) is asking me if she can wear her Cinderella dress (It's actually Belle's dress), but Isabel likes pretending that she's Cinderella. So she puts it on and I grab the ladder to get her crown off of a shelf.

"Can we dance to my song Mommy?" She's talking about Cinderella's song "A Dream is Wish Your Heart makes". So I put it on and we start to dance. Emma of course wants to join us. So there we are the 3 princesses dancing in the living room.

After the song finishes Isabel is standing there and says

"I want to thank everybody for..." I'm not sure what else she said, but it sounded alot like she was giving her speech for best actress.

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