Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Moving from the red into the black

The phrase I used to say to Eddie, whenever I would bring a purchase home would be "It was only $10 dollars". Which I thought if I could get something for $10 that was a bargain. But as we all know, all of those $10 can add up to $100.
We'll we've been on a get out of debt budget, and needless to say my $10 days are gone.

Well yesterday, I went to Dixie's to buy a charm for a friend, it's her birthday this week. See her birthday falls on the 29th of Feb, and since there will be no 29th this year, she celebrates all week long.

Anyways.. back to Dixies.. I bought her a charm, it was like $5, then I bought me a charm it was like $4, then I was looking for a chain, cause mine broke a while back. So I found one only $4. Isn't that good? I mean $4, not $65 which I would have paid at Zales. Granted the one I got is silver and not white gold, but it looks the same. And did I mention only $4.

Well I showed it to Eddie and he said something to the effect of needing to pay off credit cards... I don't know, wasn't really paying attention, cause I had a new chain, and it only cost me $4.

I think I'm getting better, heck I cut down my favorite phrase down more than half. I think that is real progress.

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Les Trois Chats said...

I agree, lol - you are making progress! (I've discovered, too, that too much denial can cause spending binges.)