Monday, February 06, 2006

Kids say the darnest things

We were at Mc Donalds this weekend, the kids were playing in the McPlay Place. There were 2 other little girls playing who were cousins. Here's the conversation as I heard it.

"Madeline, can you come with me, cause I might see a stranger, and he might get me, and then I won't get to be your cousin no more"

We were at church, playing Hide and Seek in the dark, we are hide and a 4-year old was seeking. I hear.

"8 - 9 - 10..... (then some crying)"
I came out and asked "What's wrong?"
She replied "I lost myself"

Me and the girls were playing outside behind the garage. Isabel says
"I want to go home"
"We are home."
"I want to go in there" she says pointing to the house.

Last night at church, a kid runs up to me

"Hma. Michelle, Mikey has a iPocket"
"A what?"
"What's that" thinking somehow I'd lost my iPod
"You cut with it"
So I went to see what it was, and lo and behold it was a pocket knife.
I think what he was saying was a knife pocket, I heard iPocket, and what he meant was pocket knife.

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