Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beginning the week of June 25

My new boss has allowed be to begin working from home on the days that my husband goes to work. Which is about 2 days a week. This is good, because the girls will be home all the time, and won't have to go to daycare. Granted they were only going 6-8 days a month, but they would rather stay home, and we'd rather them stay home. Being a web developer, I'm not tied to the phones, I'm just tied to my computer, so this is a possible thing to do. I've already got a schedule written out so that, I can keep the girls entertained for periods of time. This will give me plenty of time throughout the day to complete my dev tickets. Another good thing is that my company has given me a work laptop. Everyone in our department got one. It's a cute little Dell one.

In other news...
Eddie and I decided that the girls are going to be going to public school. All along we had made the decision to send them to a Christian private school. But after the parenting conference we went to and the books that we've been reading, we changed our minds.
Basically it comes down to this. We will strive to raise strong kids, not safe kids. We will do our job at home instilling the moral and ethical principals of the Bible, so that in any situation that our kids face they will be able to stand their ground and do the right thing. I would love my kids to be in a ultra-safe enviroment, learning about the word of God, but in reality we can't shelter them from life. School will be a great mission field for my girls to share their faith with lost kids. Plus over the course of 12 years for both girls we'll save $100,000. I know plenty of kids who went to public school, who are men and women of God. Your parents did a great job. My mom did a great job. We will strive to raise our girls for true greatness.

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amyerj said...

Good for you - on both items!

I'd have rather sent mine to private school, it is safer, and usually the education is better... but I decided that I wasn't 100% sure I could sustain the tuition for 12 years (plus college) on my own.

I'd started in private school, my parents got into a huge child support battle and mom took me out to prove a financial point. I truly think my sorry performance in school was due to my being able to coast for 5 years in public school. I was SO not ready for high school, I had no study habits, was used to everything coming so easily... it was a big mistake.

I'm not living under a bridge, so I overcame it, but I still wonder, "What if?"