Monday, May 14, 2007


In January I was looking for a dance school that Isabel could attend. I started calling around. My friend has her kids at "The Dance Workshop", and I knew I didn't want my kids going there. Too competitive. I've heard horror stories of her kids practicing 3 days a week right before the recital, and all the trophies that that's studio has won. My child is only 4, I want this to be fun. So on I went to look for the perfect studio for us.
I called "A Step in Time" which is in our city. They told me it was too late because costumes for the spring show had already been purchased.
I then called "Divine Arts" 20 minutes away. I asked if it was too late and they said no, not too late. Great I signed her up and she started in Feburary. Well in March there was talk about the recital in June. I asked the teacher if she was going to be able to perform and she said "no, because they had ordered costumes in October". Talk about a bubble being burst. I was disappointed. In April, I called the owner and addressed my concerns, I told her I understood why she couldn't perform, but that if there was any way she could, it would just make my day. She mentioned that there was a little girl who had purchased the costumes, but no longer attended. So she was going to double check, and maybe Isabel could have those costumes.
On Saturday, I got the 2 costumes. Yeah! She will be in the performance. This is so cool, cause it saved us the cost of the costumes, and the cost of the recital fee.
At least $160. Thank you God.

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