Sunday, May 06, 2007

Raising Truly Great Kids

We went to a conference on Saturday given by Tim Kimmel author of several books on parenting. It was a wonderful conference and we were able to acquire several resources that we will be reading over the next couple of weeks. I will be blogging about the things that I will be learning as I read and also I'll blog about the things I learned this weekend.

To begin on Raising Truly Great Kids

"The biggest part of our job as parents has to do with our influence on our children's hearts. The tool that God offers us that empowers us to connect to our children's hearts is God's wonderful gift of grace."

During the next couple of days I will give you guys an overview.

Think of a house.

Roof Aim them at True Greatness (rather than success)
Second Floor Build Character into their hearts
First Floor Create and Maintain a daily atmosphere of Grace
Foundation Focus on meeting their inner needs

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Jeremy said...

Sounds like the conference was good. I enjoy the church conferences we have as well. There is something about them that tends to be uplifting and I always come away having learned more than when I went in.