Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Morning Conversations

While at home:
Isabel: Mommy, can we go get those little donuts?
Me: Oh, (looking at the clock knowing we don't have time). Daddy didn't leave me any money. We'll get some tomorrow.
Isabel: Why didn't Daddy leave you money?
Me: He forgot.

In the car:
Isabel: Mommy, do you have a card?
Me: (Card? Debit card?) Yes, I have a card.
Isabel: Does it have money?
Me: (clever little girl) Yes it does.
Isabel: Then get some out.
Me: (trying to change the subject) Guess what? I got you some pan dulce for breakfast.

Still in the car:
Isabel: Is it Sunday?
Me: No, it's Tuesday.
Isabel: Nu uh, I see the sun, so it's Sunday.
Me: Ok, (defeated)
Isabel: Then why did you say it was Tuesday?
Me: Cause it is Tuesday, but if you want to say it's Sunday, that's fine.

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Shelley said...

Don't you just love the 4 year old conversations? :-)