Friday, June 10, 2005

Beauty is Skin Deep

Was just reading a parents magazine... Parents from all over sent in pictures of their child for a chance to win the cover and other prizes. The mom who's kid won said. "I'd love for her to do more modeling, but this was her first shoot, so we'll have to see if she really enjoys it"

I've thought about this... about sending in pictures of my kids. You see almost everyday when we are out in public with our kids, strangers will walk up to us and say "She is so pretty"
"That's the cutest baby I've ever seen"... This started when Isabel was born and continues on with Emma.

I don't think I'll ever enter them into a beauty contest. I want to teach my girls that what makes them beautiful is not just good genes but having the light of Jesus shine from within you.
I want to teach them that their attitude, generosily, humbleness, humor, thoughfulness, respect for others... is what makes them beautiful.

Lord help me to instill this value into my children.

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