Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Prophetic Word

I attened a conference this weekend entitled "Desperate for Jesus". The first speaker talked about being so desperate that you turn only to God in your time of troubles.
2 Kings 4:1-7
This is a story of a widow whose in debt up to her ears, and is about to loose her sons to slavery.
She calls on the prophet Elisha to give her a word from God.
He tells her to go and get all the empty jars from her neighbors. Take the only thing that she has, which is a jar of oil, and fill the empty jars. Then tells her to sell the jars, pay off her debt, and her and her sons can live on the rest.
God is so awesome. This lady went from an impossible situation, to retired in one day.

As I was driving home thinking about the unexpected expenses that we had incurred, I cried out to Jesus and asked for his help. As I drove up to the mailbox and opened it. There was a refund check for $168 from TXU. God is so good. I know that he only can pull us out of this situation. Not the banks or creditors. Only Him.

I ask God, what is my oil. What can I give to someone else as a blessing, so you can bless me in return?

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