Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Battle Begins

The sound is ear-wrenching, at least above 160 decibles, (equivalent to a jet engine close up) and the bed is soaked with a river of tears.

Isabel cried for 1.5 hours last night when I put her to bed, with and without me in her room, with and without me holding her. At 10:00 I gave up and brought her to bed with me. (I'm so weak)
Then at 12:30, Emma woke up. This never happens. She might have had a tummy ache.
Eddie was kind enough to get up with her. (Thank You)
This morning I find one of our pillows in the crib. I guess he was trying to elevate her head, because he couldn't breath through her nose well. I had to remind him about the dangers of suffocation.

I hope tonight is better.

Screaming Toddler: 1
Hopeless Mom: 0

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