Sunday, August 07, 2005

They're Back

Last Monday night, my sister called to tell me that my dogs had escaped from the back yard for a second time. I really didn't have the money to get them out of the shelter, assuming that the shelter would find them. I visted both shelters in Arlington and Grand Prairie to see if they were there. Then I would call everyday. I was a little concerned, but I told God that if he wanted me to get the dogs back then he was the only one who knew where they were at. He'd either have to lead me to them, lead the dog catcher to them or find them another good home. Either way I would be content in knowing that God had a plan.

Well guess what. Saturday night my sister went to her house and they were in the back yard. We still don't know how they got there. We are thinking that they found their way back home and that the neighbor might have let them in. Anyways, God is so cool. Now question becomes should I get them microchiped in case this happen again. It will cost $50 a piece. Ouch.

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Jeff Dowdle said...

Microchip them...