Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Who knew that the day I went to my gynocologist would open up a huge can of questions about my life.

Do we want to do something permantely where we won't have anymore kids?
Do we want another baby?
If we have another baby, do I quit my job?
Can we afford for me to quit my job.
If I quit my job, I can't afford to send my kids to private school.
Do I home school, can I afford that?
Do we stay where we are in life and just make it better?
Can there be a balance? Yes
What is that balance? I don't know.

But the biggest question of all is God what are your plans for our family?
What are your plans and purposes for me, for my husband for our children.
Lord I pray for wisdom, I thank you that you have put people in my life to guide me. I pray for balance. I pray for your will.


amyerj said...

Hey, you said four. No giving up until I count four. =)

Kidding of course. Tough questions for sure. Good luck!

Jeremy said...

That is a tough question. We have been discussing how many we want. How many does God want us to have? We know what you are going through.