Thursday, March 15, 2007


The other night the girls were playing the their headbands. The little one insisted that she wanted Daddy to have one on too. The older one insisted that boys don't wear headbands. So the fighting began. The little takes the headband and starts running around the house with the older one not far behind, screaming and yelling. Me and Hubby were too busy watching American Idol to care. As long as there's no blood, right? We hear more screaming and yelling, to which Hubby ask me to check on them. Why me? Anyways, they come back running into the living room. The older one somehow distracts the younger one and takes the headband without her noticing. We tried to give hints to the older one that she should run and leave the room to hide the headband before the younger realizes what has happened. As she leaves, Hubby opens his big mouth and says look (there's something on the TV). He did this to distract the younger one from seeing the older one leaving. What happened was that the older one thought that Daddy was talking to her and walked back into the living room. We're yelling "Leave Leave, get out while you can" The younger comes back from T.V. hypnosis and boom she sees the headband in the older one's hand, grabs it and takes off running. The cycle began again.

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Jeremy said...

LOL!! That is so funny. That sounds like me and my two younger brothers when we were growing up.