Friday, March 30, 2007

Road Bully

I love to drive my husband's truck. I miss the feeling of sitting up high, and being able to cut in, because I can. A little history about the truck. It's a 2001 Dodge Ram (black). Back in Dec, Eddie wrecked both back ends on the same day. for like 2 months I didn't quit understand how. What happened was that he had the trailer hooked up and jack-knifed it on both occasions.
Fast foward to this morning....
I was exiting Brown Blvd to come to work. The worst exit ever, because no one on the service road seems to yeild. As I was coming off I was stuck until the light turned green. Some rinky dinky car had the audacity to try and not let me in, to which I ignored. I said to her (of course she couldn't hear me) "I bigger than you, I'll run you over, and I don't care if you hit me." I was being a road bully and loving every minute of it.

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Jeremy said...

Ok, so watch out for you on the road. Glad I know what you are driving now. I will stay in the SLOW lane if I see you approaching.