Saturday, March 10, 2007

Identity Crisis

Isabel said this to me today...

"Why is your hair still short? Go to the dentist like I say and get your hair cut long"

Also for the longest she wanted to be a ballerina, we signed her up in Feb. She's gone to class like 4 or 5 times. Now she doesn't want to be a ballerina anymore. She wants to be a football player (she really means soccer). That's because she saw kids playing soccer at the soccer fields by our house. What do I do? Do we pull her out of dance? Do we do both? Is she really sure she doesn't want to do ballet and tap anymore? I always said I wouldn't force my kids to participate in activities that they didn't like, but I spent $78 of dance stuff and it's only been a month. And to top it off, I found out today that she wouldn't get to dance in the recital in June, because they ordered costumes back in November and it's too late. So that's very disappointing too.


Shelley said...

As a kid who quit gymnastics after ONE class, I would recommend that you have her finish the class. I had the same thoughts that if Seth didn't want to play t-ball or soccer or whatever, we shouldn't make him, but Jeff makes a solid point that finishing what you start is just as important a lesson.

My 21 and 19 year old nephew and niece have quit so many things they've started (jobs and college being one of them) already in their young lives. They were never made to finish anything they started as children. This is just one example of a bad habit that a parent could have warded off.

amyerj said...

I'm with Shelley, I wish I'd forced Jordan to do more. Some people are born with a drive and know what they want to do, others need a push. I did good with that up until 11 or so, then started letting her make her own choices. She's aimless at this point... ug!

Make her finish and keep her in something at all times.

Oh, and always go cheap on accessories for stuff until they really take hold. Difference between a small fortune and a really big one, trust me. =)

Jeremy said...

I would keep her in it to make sure she wasn't just passing through a phase.