Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Date Night

Friday night is the big night. Eddie and I are going out on a date. It's been months since we've been out without our girls. I think it's very important that couples continue to date after they get married. Got this from Bowden McElroy

Dr. Scott Haltzman says … “Keeping a marriage thriving doesn’t require much more of you than when you were dating.”

Your mission, Mr. Newlywed, should you choose to accept it, is to direct all your attention to making your wife feel like the most beautiful, bright, and wonderful woman in the world, just like you did when you first met her. Here are some practical tips to bring back that lovin’ feeling.

First, learn to listen.

Second, spend time with your wife.

Third: Show you love her with words and deeds.

Fourth: Think: “long-term dividends.”

I hope date night this becomes a tradition.


tammara said...

Yes ma'am - this is nearly 22 years talking - date night is important!!!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

came to your site via amanda's. glad you are doing the john study as well.

Christy said...

Hey I came to visit from Amanda's site... I enjoyed your entry today. Enjoy your wonderful night with your husband. God bless you

Jeremy said...

I would agree that date night will help keep a marriage thriving. My wife and I do date night every Friday night whether we go see a movie, rent a movie, go out to eat or go to the park we make sure that we go out on a date once a week. You don't have to go spend money but you should do date night. This will keep you close and keep those memories of dating at hand.