Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First Job

The question was posed to me yesterday by my sister-in-law who just turned 16.
"Where should I work?" Now that she's legal to work, she wants too and that is cool.
My first answer to her was "Putt-Putt"....You see when I was sixteen, me and my best friend Dixie went to apply at Putt Putt. The first question they ask is about transportation. How are you going to get to work? I had no idea, since neither of us had cars and our parents work, finding transportation would be hard. No job at Putt Putt for us. So we did the next best thing and that was modeling lingerie. Easy money. $20 for a hour. See, Dixie's furture sister-in-law would have lingerie parties at different womens' homes, and would use us as her models. Now, if my girls ever came up to me and asked me at the age of 16 if they could be lingerie models the answer would definately be no, and not just no, but HELL NO.


tammara said...

LOL - funny how stuff that seemed harmless to you when you WERE 16 is suddenly HELL NO if it involves your child!?! This is just one of those things about parenting that makes it more difficult. It doesn't matter what I did when I was your age young lady get to your room this is the end of this discussion!

Jeremy said...

If I had my daughter (not a parent yet but probably within the next few years) come up to me and ask me I would never in a million years consent to that. That would definately be a HELL NO!