Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mother-Birth Day

Every year I get jipped on the gift thing. See my birthday is on May 10 and that either is near Mother's Day or on Mother's Day. So to make it easier on my loved ones, I have complied a list of the perfect gifts.

1. Dixie's (Corner of Randolmill and 360 across from Office Depot)
Name Bracelet
Number of Strands 2
Bracelet Size 7.5
Type of Bead Silver with Fancy Beads
Strand 1 Wording Emma
Strand 2 Wording Isabel
Strand 3 Wording

Total Price $45.00

2. Charms for my charm bracelet from Dixie's
"Jesus Loves You" charm
Your Price : $4.00

"I Love Scrap Books" charm -
Your Price : $8.00

Husky charm
Your Price : $6.00

Letter V charm
Your Price: $4.00

Pink Ribbon charm(enamel)
Your Price : $6.00

Taco charm
Your Price : $5.00

State of Texas
Your Price: $4.00

3. Products from Philosophy
footnotes set $32
rockstars $36

4. Monster iCarPlay FM Transmitter $79.00


tammara said...

Smart girl. Now if everyone will just read this list. Perhaps you should print it out for them??

Anonymous said...

noop she is getting clothes from me

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

lol, love the post. hope you are doing well on the john study.