Friday, April 07, 2006

You give me fever.

Yesterday, Isabel came home with a fever, and continued to have one all night.
Eventhough she was sick, she played and played. While scrapbooking she sat on the other end of the table and was "cropping". I asked her is she wanted to go downstairs. She said "sure, but let me finish this first". I couldn't believe my ears. She talks like me.
As night time crept around, I went to sleep and around 1 in the morning, Isabel wakes up to go potty and then comes into bed with me. She was hot. Eddie gave her some meds and she went to sleep. Around four she wakes up again, I take her to potty and she reminds me that she is sick, and wants me to her hold. Wow, she hot, not so bad, since she is keeping me warm as well. I sure hope her fever breaks, and no other symptoms arise. I hate seeing me little ones sick.

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