Friday, April 14, 2006

It's a horse, no a cow, no it's just Emma

The other day, after dinner the girls jumped into the wagon and I began pulling them around. The Isabel preceeded to pull Emma around as Emma kept moving back and forth between seats. Finally I was tired of the wagon, so I got Isabel's bike out, and she rode for a while, as Emma pulled the wagon. She's a strong girl, that Emma.
We played on the slide and then it started to get chilly outside.
That's when I started rounding up the girls. Isabel started to come in, but Emma headed straight for the grass. The tall grass. The grass that Eddie is going to mow this weekend. The grass that probably contains all kinds of bugs and spiders.
The grass that goes up to Emmas waist.

"Emma come here"... no response. She proceeds to sit in the grass, bend forward and take a whole bunch into her mouth and pull. Oh my gosh she's eating the grass. She does this twice as I'm telling her to "come here" At this point I go into the grass to retrieve her. And let me tell you how afraid of the grass I am. 1) I'm allergic to it. 2) Did I mention the bugs 3) I was wearing flip flops.

I can't wait until that grass gets cut.

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