Friday, April 07, 2006

Google SMS

You can now text message google with questions and get the results on your phone.

Text the message: ice age 94110
The results you'll recieve back would be:

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* Ice Age: The Meltdown
1hr 30min,PG,Animation/Comedy/Family,3.6/5

AMC Van Ness 14
1:15 1:50 3:30 4:30 6:00 7:00 8:20 9:30 10:30

Cool Huh!!!!

Or try these sample search terms:
Local : hospital San Jose CA
Phonebook : 2122269817
Driving directions : pasadena CA to santa monica CA
Movies : ice age 94110*
Weather : weather dallas tx
Stock quotes : tgt
Q&A : population of Japan
Glossary : define prosimian
Translation : translate coffee in french
Froogle : price mp3 player
Zip code : 94043
Area code : 650
Calculator : 160 pounds * 4000 feet in calories
Currency conversion : 5 usd in yen
SportsNew! : duke, detroit nhl, lakers, sf giants
Help : help
Tips : tips

SMS Quick Start

1. Start a new text message and type in your search query

2. Send the message to the number "46645" (GOOGL)

3. You'll receive text message(s) with results

Tip: For help send the word 'help' as a text message to 46645.


tammara said...

Do they charge? Maybe I should wait to try it until you get your bill ;-)

mommyofangels said...

Google doesn't charge. The only charge you receive is one from your cell phone company if there is one. Most cell phone companys offer unlimited text messageing for $5 a month. Or like mine, it's like 5 cents per message

tammara said...

We have four lines, and I swear they are all different charges. Paul and I are on something with web surfing and 100 messages - he is charged $15 for this and I'm charged $5. Zach and Hannah are unlimited texts for $7.50. It's impossible to keep up...