Monday, April 03, 2006

Follower of Christ

Just spent the entire weekend at Acquire the Fire. A conference for teens orgainized and produced by teens. This years conference was of course cool. The theme was "Battle Cry". Basically it talked about how the world is in a battle for our teens hearts and minds. MTV, TV, Music, the Internet, My Space, Zanga... are all becoming the center for teens to get their information. What struck me most about this conference was that the speakers focused on calling us "Followers of Christ", instead of "Christians". See many people can call themselves a Christian, but are they a true Follower of Christ. There were many people in the bible who wanted to follow Christ, but didn't want to give up their worldly things in order to do so. See Jesus says "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. (Mark 8:34)" Deny yourself, that's a hard one. What does it mean? It means to consider others, even if no one considers you, Christ considered you when he died on the cross for your sins. It means quit being selfish, quit thinking about yourself. It's not about you and what you can get. It's about God, and why you are here on earth. Everyone was made to worship and serve Him. Now wheather they choose to do so, is another issue. Anybody can say they are Christians, but are they Followers of Christ, our Lord, our God, our Savior who lived a perfect life and paid for your sins on the cross, who rose from the dead, who is alive today, and who will come again. When you stand before Him, will you hear the words "Well done, good and faithful servant!" (Matt 5:21) or will you hear the words "I never knew you. Away from me..." (Matt 7:23)

"My heart pounds within me, I cannot keep silent. For I have heard the sound of the trumpet, I have heard the Battle Cry" Jeremiah 4:19


Catherine said...

Wow! Sounds really good! Thanks for sharing these truths with all of us reading...and I MISS YOU! :)

mommyofangels said...

I miss you toooooooo!
Let's do lunch sometime... Call me at work
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