Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter 2006

Easter this year was good. We spent Saturday at my in-laws eating fajitas, rice, beans, potato salad, cake, just chillin out back and relaxing.
Emma found a dirt pile and started playing in it. With her two hand she was transfering dirt from the pile to the back door. After she threw a bunch in her face, we decided it was time for a bath for all the kids.
After the bath she crashed, and I wanted to crash too.
On Sunday we awoke, and headed off for church. The drama was awesome, especially since Eddie built the boxing ring that was on the stage. Afterwards we ate more fajitas, rice, beans, potato salad, cake. The egg hunt was a success.
Afterwards we went to eat at Spring Creek with my mom and sister. Before we met them, my mom was hit from behind while exiting I-20. The girls who hit her didn't pull over and just took off. Of course my mom and sister followed them to Razoos. When they got there, the girls had entered the building. So my mom, called the cops. Turns out that the driver had a suspended license. Wasn't going to get charged with hit and run, because there was no damage to my mom's car though. Idiots! Had they pulled over, my mom would have just let them go since there was no damage.
Anyways, the day ended with another easter egg hunt at my sisters, while Eddie attempted to buy some shirts for work. After going to 3 stores that were closed, and changing a flat tire, he came home empty handed.
All in all it was a great weekend.


tammara said...

I don't know what age they were - but my kids would have SO many privledges revoked for behaving that irresponsibly (parents can do that just as easily to any financially dependent college studentas they can to a 16 year old). ARGH. I'm glad your mom's car wasn't damaged.

Did the officers go in and get her, since she had a suspended license??

mommyofangels said...

No, she walked out before the officers arrive. Gave my mom some lame excuse (with attitude) that since there was no damage to her car, they didn't feel the need to stop.