Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What'd you say?

So yesterday we are in Eddie's truck leaving the park. Isabel started mumbling something, but all we heard was f*ck.. We asked her to repeat herself "f*ck".
"What is that?" I asked
"You know fire f*ck"
"Oh... truck"
Eddie and I at this point could not contain our laughter.
"Say taaaaaaaaaa rrrrrr uck" I coach her.
"taaaaaaaa rrrrrrrr uck" she repeats
ok, good at least I can work with her pronounciation.

I remember when I was a kid I would say six but it sounded alot like "sh*t"
I couldn't figure out why older kids would laugh and ask me to repeat myself.
Lucky for me, I was put into speech thearpy, which corrected the problem"

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tammara said...

We were standing in line at the gym's nursery one time, and Keith said, "What the ---- is going on here?"

What I mean by ---- is that he actually just left a silent space there, where a curse word would be, if he was going to say it. How many kids censor themselves - sort of? Sigh.