Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm no Rachel Ray

So yesterday I decided to cook. I wanted to try something new so I set out to cook pork chops, green beans, and fried zuchinni.

Step 1: Pork chops were easy, I just put some shake and bake on them and stuck them in the oven.
Step 2: Fried Zuchinni... Well not exactly fried. I found a recipe where it described how to bake them instead. I put bread crumbs on them and put them in the oven.
Step 3: Garlic Greenbeans. I opened 2 cans of green beans, since they were 2 different brands, one can was alot greenier than the other. I sprinkled garlic powder on them, and put lots of butter. I put them in the oven.

After about 15 minutes the chops and green beans were done, but the zuchinni wasn't. After about 45 minutes, they had been rotated, and still didn't look quite right. Then I remebered. I forgot to spray Pam on the cookie sheet. Oh well.

Out of the oven they came, and into our stomach they went.
On Saturday, I'll attempt to make home-made tortillas. Keep your fingers crossed.

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tammara said...

Keep me posted on the tortillas...