Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another Night Behind Us....

At 9:00 I put Isabel into bed, with stickers on her hands and Elmo on the TV and no pacifier in site (Loba ate it). I sneak to my room climb into bed, attempt to watch some TV, but fall right to sleep. Fast foward to 40 minutes later... Isabel is at her bedroom door attempting to open it, yelling Mommy... Mommy... I let this go on for almost 5 minutes, before I cave in and open the door. I put her back into bed and try again, only this time she starts to cry. I let this go on for 10 minutes. Seeing that I'm not going to get any sleep and fearing that she'll wake Emma (although Emma sleeps through anything and has been asleep since 8:30) I climb out of bed, open her bedroom door and say "Do you want to sleep with Mama?" She nods her little head. So off we go... she climbs into bed, we cuddle a little and she falls right to sleep.

You may be thinking that this was an unsuccessful night. But I correct you, this was very sucessful, because my goal was that she fall asleep without her pacifer, and that's exactly what happened.

Since Eddie will be home tonight, we will see how it goes. He usually gets her to go to sleep by giving her a massage on her hands, legs and most of all feet. Like mother like daughter.

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