Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Making a connection

I just finished reading an article in Family Life Today title The Irresistable Man. Basically it talked about how a woman defines romance. In the latter part of the article it gives 10 questions that you can ask your wife to make an emotional connection with her. I'll answer the first one here.

What is one of your earliest childhood memories?

All my memories run together, but here is one. I was in pre-school, so probably 3 or 4. I remember my friend Diana teaching me how to swing. You kick your legs out to go up and the bend them to go back. I learned how to swing in a day. From then on you couldn't stop me. Later on as I grew up, I remeber getting on a swing side by side with a friend and we'd pretend to go on trips and pretend that the swing was our airplane.
"Let's go to New York".... "Look there's the Statue of Liberty".

One of these days that dream will come true.

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