Thursday, July 28, 2005

Testimony to a God of Miracles

I'm testifing on behalf of the miracle that the Lord gave me. I had my surgery, on wed.20, 2005 where they removed 75lbs of skin and fat. I'm on the road to recovery, and I'm doing well. This is how it came to be, I've been looking for help, and couldnt find anyone to help me. Met a nurse named Linda at a bariactric center, who gave me the number to Dr. Naaman in Houston. He is a high risk case doctor and that was exactly who I needed to take care of me. He agreed to take my case but since I just had my stroke and was still dependant on my wheel chair, he had me come back a month later. I did go back where he sugested that I should have all that excess skin removed as well as the gastric bypass, so he refered me to Dr. Philip Freeman a plastic surgeon. When to see him he said he would do the surgery but I would have to find the finances to pay him cause medicare and medicaid would not pay anything for his services. I applied to Texas Rehab Comission to see if they would help pay since it was medically necessary for me to have the skin removed. During the month of waiting for a response from rehab, I prayed to the Lord "Its in your hands Lords what comes to be will be for me " ....On the monday a week before I had surgery, I recieved the phone call that told me that I had been denied finances by rehab... I called Dr. Naaman's office right after to ask him to just do the bypass since I wasn't gonna get money to cover Dr. Freemans part. I didnt get a answer because Dr. Naaman was in surgery, and that they would have him call me back. Two days later on Wed. I got the phone to call Dr. Naamans again when the phone rang in my hand , I answered and it was Dr. Naamans calling to ask me if I could be in Houston by the 20 for my surgery and that I would be having both procedures done. I had to ask them to repeat what they just said about both procedures being done. The nurse told me that Dr. Naaman spoke to Dr. Freeman and Dr. Freeman said he would donate his services for me...Still in shock , I decided to call Dr. Freemans office to confirm that he was gonna do that for me...and his secretary got him on the other line and he confirmed that he will donate his services. I knew that the Lord was behind all the good things happening to me.
Now here I sit knowing God answers prayers, I'm 75lbs lighter , nothing obstructing my legs to walk anymore except I'm still really sore but I know that God will continue helping me during my recovery and my journey of experiencing life again.

Thank you all for your prayers. I will keep you up dated on my recovery.
Aurora (Borie) Garcia

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