Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Kenny Rogers - LOSER

Dale Hansen said it perfectly on Friday night. I've lost all respect for Kenny Rogers, not that I had any to begin with. I barely even knew the guy. All I knew about him is that he is the pitcher for the Rangers. Dale did bring to light some personailty traits that plaque some of our star athletes. For instance. Kenny Rogers complains that he can't play because of a hurt finger. He mentioned 2 other baseball players that no matter what came through for their team. Some guy whose ankle was messed up and bleeding, but he pitched anyway. And another guy who didn't any have a right arm, but pitched anyway.
Also, Kenny Rogers complains about his salary, when he only throws a baseball 8 months out of the year, and complains that he goes days without seeing his kids. As Dale pointed out.
Our soldiers in Iraq go months, sometimes a year without seeing their kids.
Our police force run through alleys chasing bad guys on a smaller salary.
Our firefighters go through buring building saving people on a smaller salary.
Our teachers have the task of teaching tomorrows leaders, on a even smaller salary, and even have to buy classroom supplies using their own money.
So what does Kenny have to complain about.
I hope the law gives him the maximum penalty that there is for what he did, he deserves no less.

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